Stop a nuke-crazed warlord in March of War: African Sunrise

By Michael Jamias
march of war african sunrise

Zulu King Shaka II is an African warlord who makes the big mistake of developing nuclear weapons. Now he's got a big target on his back as the whole world mobilizes to stop him.

That's pretty much the gist of March of War: African Sunrise, the third themed episode for the free to play mmo strategy title.

African Sunrise is now available through Steam Early Access and the official website for PC and Mac.

If you doubt the extent of King Shaka's evil, well, the developers point out that he planned to develop nuclear weapons from technology originally meant to create an affordable and improved energy source for the continent. That's like crimes against humanity level of villainy right there.

As the world conflict now centers on Africa, March of War will see the launch of new units inspired by the region and nuclear weapons scenario.

Players can start sending out Nuclear Suicide Trucks to cause explosive destruction. Or they can try to impale strategy rpg opponents with a squad of Kenyan Rhino Riders. All of these were of course units chosen by March of War fans to appear in game via the Vote4War system.

To round out the new content, look forward to dealing with a lot more hazards like critters, locust swarms and gigantic overlords that make the picturesque African savannas a savage trap for the unwary.

Developers have also confirmed that the fourth episode, March of War: Exalted Inferno, will arrive next month on November 7, 2013.


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