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march of war episode iv exalted inferno
The race for the throne promises to be a fiery fight to the finish in March of War's newly activated episode. Episode IV: Exalted Inferno will trigger a special world event which will see mmo tacticians siding with one of three candidates with a rightful claim to the throne. To add fuel to the feuding, ISOTX has introduced new units that strategy rpg fans can use to capture their rivals' territories and push their chosen candidate to victory. ...
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Nov 16 2013
march of war african sunrise
Zulu King Shaka II is an African warlord who makes the big mistake of developing nuclear weapons. Now he's got a big target on his back as the whole world mobilizes to stop him. That's pretty much the gist of March of War: African Sunrise, the third themed episode for the free to play mmo strategy title. African Sunrise is now available through Steam Early Access and the official website for PC and Mac. If you doubt the extent of King Shaka's ...
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Oct 04 2013
march of war tropical thunder
Smoke out the slippery revolutionary from his alleged jungle hideout in March of War's Tropical Thunder episode. Tropical Thunder continues the action-packed storyline of the first episode, Soviet Storm. This time around the chase for Che Guevara heads to the dense forests of South America where the fugitive hides. But the hunt becomes a much more dangerous game as factions begin double-crossing and killing each other in the jungles. Watch this...
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Sep 06 2013
march of war soviet storm
The dieselpunk strategy mmo grapples with the aftermath of unbridled Soviet aggression in Episode 1: Soviet Storm. Episode 1 plunges March of War into the thick conflict for control of Paris. The plot revolves around the Soviets violating a peace treaty in attempt to take over Paris in an unexpected all-out invasion. In response, the European Alliance activates its defense forces to protect the city. Watch this new March of War: Soviet Storm tr...
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Aug 04 2013
march of war pilot episode world aflame
March of War's pilot episode titled "World Aflame" is a fiery start to the episodic strategy rpg. World Aflame is now free to download through Steam Early Access as well as the official March of War website for both PC and Mac platforms. Developers said the whole point of the pilot episode is to ignite the community into creating an "alternate war-torn alternate dieselpunk 1940’s world." Part of what sets March of War different from other stra...
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Jun 28 2013