MapleStory lets loose trailer for "Unleashed" update

By Michael Jamias
maplestory unleashed update trailer

Watch what comes packed with the new MapleStory patch dropping on June 19.

The MapleStory Unleashed update further increases the level cap to 250, which comes with powerful new stage 3 link skills and high-level content.

The free online rpg opens up the path to the eerie Twilight Perion, a new Monster Park zone. Freshly minted level 250 players can also test their mettle in new dungeons.

As seen in the trailer, the Alien Visitor dungeon will be a furious fight against intergalactic intruders. Twisted Aqua Road is an underwater trial that culminates in battling some very large fish. There are also the Fantasy Theme World and Spirit Valley dungeons, the former requiring you to tear through armies of theme park mascots and the latter armies of vengeful spirits.

Furthermore, the Malaysia and Singapore regions have also received a revamp.

The long-running sidescroller MMO even rolls out the much-awaited makeover of its user interface, focusing on increased utility and customization.

Players can pack inventory, equipment and character stat screens all in one window. Obsessive compulsive fans also get a helping hand in keeping their scrolls in order with a new auto sort function. The new update also allows players to add multiple points at once without needing to click furiously at each stat button.


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