MapleStory kicks off reborn Kaiser character

By Michael Jamias
maplestory reborn kaiser character

Wielding a brutal two-handed sword and tapping into the power of ancient dragons, the Kaiser tries to save the day from a new MapleStory baddie.

Online mmorpg maker Nexon America described its new character addition to the MapleStory line-up as a “once a great hero who kept the people of Grandis safe from the evil Magnus. After one fateful battle, Kaiser’s last attack destroyed his physical form and his spirit was confined to the spirit realm. Hundreds of years later, Kaiser’s spirit was reborn in Kyle, a young Nova boy who struggles against the same evil."

As a reborn Kaiser, players can expand their skill sets to include Nova- and Hero-exclusive Hyper Skills upon reaching level 140 or higher.

“Players who create a Kaiser character will be able to use new skills including Hyper Skills, and they will even get a chance to battle Magnus. Kaiser’s new skills include Inferno Breath, where he can summon an ancient dragon to cause continuous damage with a fiery breath, and Giga’s Wave, which afflicts Slow with a single powerful slash,” said Nexon America.

Grinding a Kaiser character to level 190 should be worth the trouble, since hitting the threshold unlocks access to Heliseum and the ultimate challenge of taking on Black Mage’s most powerful henchmen.

The introduction of Kaiser is part three of the four-part Tempest update for the long-running free online rpg.


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