MapleStory puts up a spooky Masquerade update

By Michael Jamias
maplestory masquerade update

Fans of the sidescrolling action mmo will be spending the Halloween season exterminating zombies and exploring a haunted house.

MapleStory players will get to participate in various quests to learn about zombies, avoid becoming one and even mow them down with a special truck, developer NCsoft revealed in a release. The NPC Jonas will be a point person for the zombiefest as he attempts to collect zombie cell samples for his scientific research. Meanwhile, the NPC Maid will be rushing to create a zombie vaccine and will need help in gathering the proper reagents.

For those looking to get spooked, the free rpg will open up Olivia’s Haunted House that can be accessed via New Leaf City. It will have level-based quests, which means everyone from MapleStory newbies to max-level players can visit the mansion and explore its eerie secrets.

On top of the Halloween-themed activities, the online rpg also rides on to the presidential voting fever. A campaign feature will enable players to campaign for their favorite political party in election-related events, with participation rewards ranging from Replubican and Democratic Supporter medals to campaigner badges to Red Elephant and Blue Donkey Balloons.


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