MapleStory samurai Hayato comes to the rescue on March 13

By Michael Jamias
maplestory hayato march 13

The sword-slashing character is available to play for three short weeks beginning this Wednesday.

In time for Hayato's limited time accessibility with MapleStory fans, developer Nexon has released a short anime video that narrates the background of this vengeful samurai and what drives him to pursue destructive retribution.

Watch the literally spellbinding video below:

We see that Hayato faces the trials and tribulations of the typical rpg games hero -- his beloved princess-in-distress has been held captive by an warrior named Oda Nobunaga. We also get a glimpse of  his skill with the samurai sword, unleashing the multi-strike Shippu Shinrai in mid-air. It will be interesting to see his sword techniques translated in the free to play mmo.

Hayato was once an exclusive job in the Japan version of MapleStory but with the release of Mark of Honor patch, he can now be played by Western fans along with his exorcist sidekick Kanna. Together, Hayato and Kanna attempt to thwarth the ritual of the Demon’s King Descendant that could prove ruinous to the land.

Hayato also holds the distinction as the second MapleStory class to feature voice acting for his skills (after Luminous) and is the fourth class that will not require a special mission for his job advancement (along with Evan, Mercedes and Luminous.) Hayato will also have three powerful samurai skills as well as one passive that makes him a fearsome close combat fighter.


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