MapleStory Gets Timed PvE Modes in “Fight For Azwan” Summer Update

By Michael Jamias
maplestory fight for azwan update

MapleStory marks the tail end of summer with the hectic Fight For Azwan update, which challenges players to vanquish Hilla and her undead horde in the best times possible.

This new update for the 2D sidescroller MMO was named after the captured underground city of Azwan, once ruled by a fair king, but is now under the corrupted control of the fortune teller Hilla. Players can attempt to reclaim Azwan from the scheming shamaness through four timed game modes – Attack, Occupy, Defend and Supply.

“In Attack and Occupy modes, players make their way across a map and try to destroy a tower within the specified time limit. When playing in Defend mode, players must defend a Crystal until the time runs out. Lastly, in Supply mode, players hunt monsters and collect item drops,” said rpg games publisher NEXON America in a release.

For added fun and replayability, MapleStory players can calibrate each game mode along four scaling difficulties – Easy, Normal, Hard and Hell. Newbies can learn the ropes in the first two difficulties and ramp up to the trickiest Hell level for a chance at scoring the most bonus experience and Azwan coins, which can be exchanged for rare items at the Azwan in-game shop.


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