MapleStory drops Dawnveil: Demons of Tynerum update

By Michael Jamias
maplestory dawnveil demons of tynerum

MapleStory opens the path to Tynerum, the domain of demons deep in the ancient continent of Dawnveil.

But whether you'll survive this challenging, fog-filled new zone will depend on how well you overcome its tainted monsters, puzzling mysteries and a gargantuan mega golem boss called Gollux.

Watch the Dawnveil: Demons of Tynerum trailer to see the Halloween mayhem the new update will bring to the sidescrolling mmorpg.

This MapleStory Autumn update not only brings in fresh questing PvE content, it also rolls out significant job revamps and stat adjustments for 10 classes, and the unlocking of hyper skills for Hayato and Kanna. These changes will take getting used to, but are aimed to make your mmorpg avatar powerful but not obnoxiously so.

If you're thirsting for terrific new equipment and items that will spruce up your look and spike your stats, just chat up Witch Malady and help her round up some monsters for her cauldron brews.

You can also take on Olivia’s mission to explore the Haunted Mansion and fight evil toys, or venture into the Maple Castle to help Empress Cygnus throw the most spooktacular Halloween party the online rpg world has ever witnessed.

Dungeons will also unlock as your rpg hero rise through to level 130 and beyond. At level 130, the Crimsonheart Castle, a theme dungeon based on Crimsonwood Keep, can be accessed. Then when you hit level 135, the Shadow Veil Forest offers a dizzying distraction. And finally at level 140, you can attempt to dismantle the giant boss Gollux deep in the Shadow Veil Forest.


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