MapleStory 8th anniversary reveals player loyalty stats and freebie events

By Michael Jamias
maplestory 8th anniversary

Freebies are flooding MapleStory as the free to play mmo celebrates eight years of sidescrolling action fun and a bevy of loyal subscribers.

Nexon America proudly revealed that the game has a big chunk of loyalists in North America -- 21% to be exact are 4-year veterans. That’s roughly 1 out of 5 MapleStory NA players who have been with the game for at least half its existence. Even more hardcore are the 10% who have played the game for 6 years or more.

These are pretty cool stats considering the alarming churn of fans in other online RPG Games.

Nexon attributed MapleStory's respectable player retention to rolling out “feature-packed content updates and nearly limitless character customization options” which is the semi-hyperbolic way of saying that they keep their fans entertained with new stuff to do. Constant event freebies help as well, we imagine.

For instance, this 8th anniversary, mobs will have a random chance of dropping anniversary celebration boxes which contain “valuable in-game items”. Level 10 players and up will also be able to harvest coins daily. What about the newbies? Well, they can enjoy the hot-days and EXP bonus events which will be held throughout the month along with everyone else.


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