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MapleStory Heroes of Maple event announced
Players of the MapleStory mmorpg will have a lot on their plate this summer. Nexon has released a slew of information on all the content gamers can play through during the lazy days of summer as they officially announced the MapleStory Heroes of Maple event. Players can also receive a free heroic android pack by registering before June 20th with an account that has a character that is level 31 or higher and then logging in after the event goes li...
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Jun 10 2016
maplestory 11th anniversary celebrations
Only a few days more remain before the MapleStory 11th Anniversary events end their run, so it'll be mad rush as players try to max out their rewards. If you are in heavy need of mesos, a currency in the online rpg, then focus on events like "Rob the Monster's Treasure Storage" and "Rob the Mesopreso Storage" in this final stretch. These let you earn a lot of mesos, as well as special boxes containing buffs and ancient anniversary items.Many...
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May 28 2016
maplestory pink bean playable class
Holidays tend to bring out the fun side in mmorpg games, and MapleStory's no exception. The fan favorite boss character known as Pink Bean has temporarily allied itself with our resident heroes to become a fully playable class until January 19.While controlling MapleStory Pink Bean you will be able to learn powerful skills such as incinerating foes with your Blazing Yo-yo and crushing targets with your Pink Pulverizer. Pink Bean even get...
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Dec 07 2015
South Korea MapleStory 2 launch on July 7th
Fans of the original MapleStory online game are definitely looking forward to the release of MapleStory 2 as the new game includes a host of upgraded features, especially graphics. Now it appears that the wait is finally over. Well....that is if you're the holder of a South Korean Nexon account. Kim Jin Man, director of Nexon, announced that the official MapleStory 2 launch will occur on July 7th for South Korea. It's interesting to note that the...
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Jun 01 2015
maplestory 10th anniversary infographic
MapleStory has spent the past ten years hosting side-scrolling adventures, and through a 10th anniversary infographic we get to see the breadth of engagement fans have had with the enduring free mmo.In terms of popularity and player activity, more than 100 million MapleStory accounts have been created worldwide over the past decade. Across these accounts, players have completed more than 2 billion quests and having earned the in-game currenc...
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May 05 2015


MapleStory sued by maple syrup manufacturers
The MapleStory online rpg is known for a number of things such as cuteness and addictive gameplay. What it is not known for is serious legal issues, which the side-scrolling mmo is now facing. News has recently surfaced that a MapleStory lawsuit is underway as the game is being sued by a consortium of maple syrup manufacturers.The Association of Northeast Maple Syrup Providers is alleging copyright and trademark infringement in their MapleSto...
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Apr 27 2015
maplestory europe 8th anniversary
European players of MapleStory are in for a treat. In celebration of the mmorpg's 8th anniversary in the region, Nexon will be introducing a new storyline, fresh quest content, extra events and revamps for a certain classes. MapleStory has been quite the success in Europe at least based on the stats. Nearly 4 million characters have been created by players in Europe. They also complete 1.6 million quests per month. Wedding is also popular in the...
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Apr 17 2015
maplestory the forgotten hero
MapleStory Europe adds on a brand new character, the Forgotten Hero aka Shade, which was thought to have been erased from existence after battling the Black Mage. The lore goes on to describe MapleStory's The Forgotten Hero as having been cursed and banished when he chose to perform the ultimate sacrifice that would seal away the Black Mage.   To the chagrin and relief of MapleStory's mmorpg denizens, The Forgotten Hero was reborn in...
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Dec 03 2014
maplestory 2 korean alpha test
MapleStory fans thirsting for its sequel, MapleStory 2, can nibble on new information and screenshots next month. Nexon has announced the MapleStory 2 Korean alpha test from September 17 to 21, in which a major portion of the game will be revealed to selected players from South Korea, home soil of the mmorpg studio. And for Western fans, that means a torrent of fresh reveals on how exactly the next-evolution mmorpg improves on the original. The...
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Aug 26 2014
maplestory europe 7th anniversary
Happy 7th birthday, MapleStory Europe! Nexon Europe is celebrating this wondrous occasion with a MapleStory Europe 7th anniversary patch "that will have Maplers enthralled," proclaim developers. Of course that's not going to be an easy feat, especially when it comes to impressing MMO veterans who have been there and done that when it comes to these anniversary freebies and festivities. For a quick overview of the month-long events, take a look ...
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May 28 2014