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  • Major League Wizardry: starter

    Major League Wizardry: starter
    Choose from 1 of 4 starter decks when starting a new wizard in Major League Wizardry....
    Major League Wizardry: starter

    Major League Wizardry: games

    Major League Wizardry: games
    Currently players can play single player against the AI to unlock new cards, multiplayer in real time, or multiplayer asynchronous...
    Major League Wizardry: games

    Major League Wizardry: gameplay

    Major League Wizardry: gameplay
    Wizardry resembles other Magic the Gathering-like games. It has the traps and combat of Hearthstone but the mana limitations add a...
    Major League Wizardry: gameplay

    Major League Wizardry: cards

    Major League Wizardry: cards
    Unlock new cards by playing against the AI. Winning one of these games, gives the player a new card to use when modifying a deck....
    Major League Wizardry: cards

Major League Wizardry Gameplay First Look - HD

Major League Wizardry Gameplay First Look - HD

Major League Wizardry (MLW) is a free trading card game developed and published by Game Made Studio, a Danish gaming company. Players experience MMO interaction as Major League Wizardry is available for Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS and allows cross platform asynchronous gameplay. Card decks are built using spells and minion cards. The arena is the place where users meet and test their skills in turn based matches. There are tons of cards available, players get new cards as rewards when playing the game or from trading with other gamers. Most TCG online have only digital cards but Major League Wizardry features some physical cards as well.

The fantasy game theme blends in with the competitive atmosphere and creates a unique environment that makes players feel more like sports stars and less like mages or heroes. Major League Wizardry competitors have coaches that train them and cheerleaders to boost up their morale. Deck building is just like developing a RPG character. There are 4 schools of magic to choose from, each one has unique cards and play style. Major League Wizardry has more than 150 different cards that represent spells, abilities and monsters (units or minions). The Training feature allows wizards to use physical Major League Wizardry cards to train virtual monsters. Improved monsters have superior abilities and last longer in combat. Players can also level up their wizard characters. There are 2 main ways to play Major League Wizardry: single player campaigns that follow the game story and PvP matches. The campaign is quite exciting as there are some really challenging missions, rewards may vary based on how much HP players lose during a match. The combo system is a Major League Wizardry feature that rewards gamers when playing a certain cards combo. The achievement system keeps track of players’ progress and the leaderboards display the best PvPers. The match making system pairs up random players based on their ranking.

Asynchronous gameplay allows Major League Wizardry competitors to take part in more than one match at a time. This is a great feature especially for experienced players that want to make the most out of their Major League Wizardry game session. The Friends system is a quick and easy way to keep in touch with buddies for friendly chats or relaxed matches. Major League Wizardry is a free to play MMO with a shop where players can acquire booster packs, cosmetic items and trade cards with other users. Funny looking monsters like Gorgon Zola or the Water Cooler of Life spell make Major League Wizardry a casual game that amuses and keeps players engaged for a long time.

By Rachel Rosen

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