Magicka spin-off conjured for iPad and Android tablets

By Michael Jamias
magicka wizards square tablet ipad android

Magicka developer Paradox Interactive extends the franchise to both tablet devices with a new multiplayer rpg, Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet.

“The new title brings the franchise’s innovative and ridiculous gameplay to tablet devices in an all-new adventure, featuring everything that made Magicka a smash hit on the PC, including the unique element-combining spellcasting system, the twisted humor, and the robes of every imaginable hue,” said Paradox Interactive in a release.

Fans of the original PC-based Magicka can look forward to a fun 4-player co-op gameplay in Wizards of the Square Tablet. The new tablet title promises “thousands” of spell combinations for allied wizards to discover, as well as optimized cross-platform capabilities between iOS and Android.

Your chosen tablet though can make a difference. Paradox Interactive said there will be new items and powers unique to both iOS and Android. With these features, Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet hopes this will be enough to lure you away from playing other mmo games.

Paradox Interactive has also come out with an amusing live action trailer for Wizards of the Square Tablet. Reposted below, the video shows off the elemental destruction in the upcoming tablet sidescroller. Electrocute, fry, and drown enemies, and work together to bring down stage bosses such as a large desert crustacean:


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