Magicka releases concluding Dungeons & Gargoyles DLC

By Michael Jamias
magicka dungeons gargoyles dlc

Dungeons & Gargoyles is the final Magicka DLC, and it's got ghost, gargoyles and all fittingly twisted finale plot.

This conclusion to the sleeper hit action adventure rpg -- at least for this particular title (remember: Magicka: Wizard Wars has just begun its wacky journey) -- won't disappoint players both in challenge and comedic punch.

True to its name, Magicka: Dungeons & Gargoyles will pit you against gargoyles, as well as other decaying and despicable abominations as you fight your way out the buried city of Old Aldrheim. Watch the Magicka: Dungeons & Gargoyles spooky trailer to get a sneak peek at the horrors and laughs that await you in this final misadventure:

Dungeons & Gargoyle continues where the latest Dungeons & Daemons expansion left off, and is meant to neatly wrap up the crazy storyline that has been building up since Magicka released in 2011. Like its preceding expansion, Dungeons & Gargoyle will offer an "unforgiving" hidden hard mode and enough content to satisfy both 4-man co-op teams and solo spellslingers.

Paradox Interactive no longer plans to roll out additional content for the game, but mmo fans just discovering this deliriously addicting action game can still play through all the existing DLCs.
Dungeons & Gargoyles is available now for download at $3.99.


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