Magicka Dungeons & Daemons DLC now available as diabolical download

By Michael Jamias
magicka dungeons daemons dlc

Action-adventure rpg Magicka takes fans deep into dark, daemon-filled dungeons in new Dungeons & Daemons DLC.

This latest Magicka DLC, priced at $3.99, poses “an all-new challenge for spelling champions everywhere,” said developers Paradox Interactive and Pieces Interactive in a launch day press release. It includes an new dungeon-based tale available in either single-player or co-op modes, with new monsters and obstacles. There is also a hard mode for those who want to amp up the difficulty, and is similar to the hard modes found in MMORPG raiding.

Dungeons are a classic fare in action online rpg games, from Diablo to Torchlight, and Magick seems to have done it justice based on the trailer below.

The video shows a band of Magicka wizards – up to four in co-op mode – decimating a steady stream of lumbering behemoths and imp legions with their explosive spells as they delve deeper beneath Castle Aldrheim.

“Deep in the sub-dungeons, long forgotten by the Wizards, the demented ancestors of the Aldrheim Order have awoken an ancient evil. The fate of the world has yet again fallen on the shoulders of our haphazard and colorful wizards. Will the Wizards survive as they stumble upon Aldrheim’s most secret of secrets?” says the description at the Steam store from which Magicka Dungeons & Daemons DLC can be downloaded.

The DLC can also be purchased via GamersGate, Game Streamer, PC Game Store, GameStop, Amazon and Green Man Gaming, Game Tap and GamesPlanet.


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