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magicka 2 launches pc ps4
Magicka 2 -- the sequel to the hit original Magicka -- has been released for Windows PCs and PS4 gaming consoles. The Magicka 2 PC and PS4 launch makes the sequel available to download and play on both platforms. Watch the official launch trailer:Three versions of the co-op action rpg can be purchased by PC fans either through digital retailers or the game's official website: - Basic edition ($14.99) which includes the base game - Special ...
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May 27 2015
e3 magicka 2 coming to ps4
PC fans won't be the only ones having some spellslinging fun with Paradox Interactive announcing Magicka 2 coming to PS4.Magicka 2 is the sequel to Magicka, the best-selling and addictive action adventure rpg. Initially, Magicka 2 was first confirmed for the PC platform but now we know that a Magicka 2 PS4 version is in development as well. There's no word yet though on when either versions will be releasing. Like the original, Magicka 2 wil...
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Jun 10 2014
magicka dungeons gargoyles dlc
Dungeons & Gargoyles is the final Magicka DLC, and it's got ghost, gargoyles and all fittingly twisted finale plot. This conclusion to the sleeper hit action adventure rpg -- at least for this particular title (remember: Magicka: Wizard Wars has just begun its wacky journey) -- won't disappoint players both in challenge and comedic punch. True to its name, Magicka: Dungeons & Gargoyles will pit you against gargoyles, as well as other de...
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Nov 01 2013
magicka dungeons daemons dlc
Action-adventure rpg Magicka takes fans deep into dark, daemon-filled dungeons in new Dungeons & Daemons DLC. This latest Magicka DLC, priced at $3.99, poses “an all-new challenge for spelling champions everywhere,” said developers Paradox Interactive and Pieces Interactive in a launch day press release. It includes an new dungeon-based tale available in either single-player or co-op modes, with new monsters and obstacles. There is also a ha...
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Oct 15 2012
magicka wizards square tablet ipad android
Magicka developer Paradox Interactive extends the franchise to both tablet devices with a new multiplayer rpg, Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet. “The new title brings the franchise’s innovative and ridiculous gameplay to tablet devices in an all-new adventure, featuring everything that made Magicka a smash hit on the PC, including the unique element-combining spellcasting system, the twisted humor, and the robes of every imaginable hue,” sa...
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Feb 07 2013