Magicka: Wizard Wars hits Steam Early Access

By Tam Mageean
magicka wizard wars steam

Fans of something slightly more magical than their typical MOBA can now try something a little different. Magicka: Wizard Wars is now on Steam Early Access for you to download. Wizard Wars pits you and 3 wand waving buddies against another team of 4 in an isometric, battle arena style RPG.

The battle sequences look stunning, with meteors falling from the sky, the dead being raised, seismic, environmental blasts launching opponents off the screen; it really is spectacular, and looks like it may have been built as much as for spectators as it has been for players. Could this be the next League of Legends or Smite in the making?

Magicka: Wizard Wars screenshot

As much as Magicka: Wizard Wars has a lot of MOBA elements, it does appear, at first glance, to be much more simplistic, which for many MOBA fans may be a relief. A less complex, easier to grasp PvP is very much needed in in the MMO community, and could provide a gateway into the trickier, more hardcore battlers.

There are 3 different packages available in the Early Access program; the Starter Wizard Pack, the Founder Wizard Pack and the IMPressive Wizard Pack, with access to the Devs forum becoming available in the latter 2. Other than that, perks include robes, weapons and other in-game exclusives to use as bragging rights, once the game fully launches. In addition, all early adopters will receive a bonus pack for signing up, that will equip your wizard with a Vendetta Dagger and an Excelsior Line Staff.

Magicka Wizard Wars teams

Early access to Magicka: Wizard Wars is publicly available from either Steam, or the official Wizard Wars site.


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