Magicka: Wizard Wars announces Duel Mode

By Michael Jamias
magicka wizard wars duel mode

Duel Mode is coming to Magicka: Wizard Wars, where you can face off against friends and spellfight to the death.

Duel Mode plunges four players in head-to-head battles of spellslinging skill. When one of the two wizards battling falls, a spectator will take the loser's place, with all four players cycling into the game until one robe warrior has scored six wins to claim the victory.

This Duel Mode trailer shows just how exhilarating these magical showdowns can become with pride and prizes on the line:

As shown in the trailer, fights are set in a small closed-off arena with nowhere to run or hide, so it's kill or be killed as soon as each match starts.

"The new Duel Mode update was created in direct response to fan feedback received during the Early Access phase, designed by Paradox North for fans who wanted their conjuring chaos to get a little more personal, with purely skill-based combat uninterrupted by one's clumsy team-killing friends," said the mmo developer.

Wizards who want to learn from the cream of the caster crop may also use the spectator feature in Duel Mode, which functions similarly to those of other mmorpg games. This will allow new players in particular to learn powerful elemental combinations and tactics that they could then use to destroy enemies in the PvE rpg campaign or humiliate friends in the PvP arena.


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