Magicka: Wizard Wars News

magicka wizard wars launch
Ever get tired of lanes and towers and supports and carries and champions and all of that stuff. You can't deny that MOBA RPG games are awesome fun, but they can all become much of a muchness after a while. To combat this, a lot of new MOBAs add new features and new rulesets to keep them differentiated from the pack, but this often leads to overly complicated mechanics and the constant need for rebalancing as the metagame changes. Fortunately, P...
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Apr 28 2015
magicka wizard wars displacement ridge map
Do you feel the need to burn your opponents and zip around like a crazy mage in Magicka: Wizard Wars? Wish granted! Paradox Interactive has unveiled the new Displacement Ridge map where you can do both.The Magicka: Wizard Wars Displacement Ridge map takes place in a forested arena dotted with multiple teleporters. Stepping into a teleporter lets you travel quickly across the map to chase down wounded enemies or escape with your dear life...
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Sep 05 2014
magicka wizard wars beta
Late last year, Magicka: Wizard Wars burst onto Steam's early access program, and showed the world how to do moba gaming, without copying the rest of the pack. Crossing action rpg with online battle arena mechanics, the isometric battler follows some themes resonant with the Magicka original. Rather than pitting 4 players in co-op against a norse, fantasy realm of monsters; you turn your 4, co-op mages on another team of 4, co-op mages and fight...
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May 09 2014
magicka wizard wars duel mode
Duel Mode is coming to Magicka: Wizard Wars, where you can face off against friends and spellfight to the death. Duel Mode plunges four players in head-to-head battles of spellslinging skill. When one of the two wizards battling falls, a spectator will take the loser's place, with all four players cycling into the game until one robe warrior has scored six wins to claim the victory. This Duel Mode trailer shows just how exhilarating these magic...
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Jan 25 2014
magicka wizard wars steam
Fans of something slightly more magical than their typical MOBA can now try something a little different. Magicka: Wizard Wars is now on Steam Early Access for you to download. Wizard Wars pits you and 3 wand waving buddies against another team of 4 in an isometric, battle arena style RPG. The battle sequences look stunning, with meteors falling from the sky, the dead being raised, seismic, environmental blasts launching opponents off the screen...
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Oct 16 2013
magicka wizard wars first gameplay trailer
Watch the first footage of Magicka: Wizard Wars and the fire-flinging fun to be had in the spell-dueling online rpg.This first gameplay trailer for Magicka: Wizard Wars, which lasts just over a minute, begins with battle between two wizards that vaguely reminds us of the final battle between Voldemort and Harry Potter. The mage clash then comes to a standstill when the heavens darken and blood-red meteors start raining down like a shower of ...
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Jul 19 2013