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  • Magicka Wizard Wars: items

    Magicka Wizard Wars: items
    Customize your wizard by choosing a weapon, robe, and staff....
    Magicka Wizard Wars: items

    Magicka Wizard Wars: 4v4

    Magicka Wizard Wars: 4v4
    Magicka Wizard Wars only game mode currently is a 4v4 control point arena match....
    Magicka Wizard Wars: 4v4

    Magicka Wizard Wars: rewards

    Magicka Wizard Wars: rewards
    Earn experience and crowns which can be used to for customization and possibly upgrades later in the game's development....
    Magicka Wizard Wars: rewards

    Magicka Wizard Wars: game

    Magicka Wizard Wars: game
    Wizard Wars' spell system is simpler than Magicka's. Combine up to 3 of 8 different elements and right click to unleash your spell...
    Magicka Wizard Wars: game

Magicka: Wizard Wars Gameplay First Look - HD

Magicka: Wizard Wars Gameplay First Look - HD

Magicka: Wizard Wars is an online action RPG developed by Paradox North and published by Paradox Interactive. It’s a pure PvP game with sandbox features. The game is set in the Magicka universe. Released in 2011, Magicka is a fun game that might appear casual but it hides a complex gameplay. Magicka: Wizard Wars world is inspired by Norse mythology. It has funny dialogues and all characters speak the wizards language. The most unique feature is the ability to mix spells and come up with personalized play styles. Magicka, the original game, has single player story driven missions but Magicka: Wizard Wars is all about fast paced multiplayer action.

There are no predefined classes. Each player is a mage but the extensive spell system allows users to create their own customized spells. Magicka: Wizard Wars players form teams of 4 members and fight other teams. The matches don’t last too long and are filled with fast paced spell casting. Being unique is a must for all MMORPG games players. A mage is nothing without his staff and his gear. Magicka: Wizard Wars has a multitude of wizard robes so players have personalized looks. Practice and skills is the best recipe for winning Magicka: Wizard Wars matches. The best way to enjoy the game is to have a stable team of friends to play with. This way, you can discuss strategies and come up with new play styles. The combat system allows friendly fire so be careful and don’t unleash your damaging spells towards team mates. Players should always be aware of their own location on the battlefield to avoid embarrassing situations like getting killed by their friends. Not all spells are harmful. There are also healing spells. Magicka: Wizard Wars has individual player ranking but winning matches is a team effort.

One of the best things about Magicka: Wizard Wars is that you can play in short 15 minutes bursts or long sessions. The game is competitive, fun and the spells casting system is unique. Magicka: Wizard Wars also has MOBA features but you don’t need to be a MOBA player to enjoy it. Magicka veterans might have a starter advantage but it shouldn’t take more than a few matches for new players to get familiarized with the game mechanics. If you like RPG games online that you can play with friends and share the developers obsession with robes, Magicka: Wizard Wars is the perfect game for you.

By Rachel Rosen


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