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  • Magicka: heal

    Magicka: heal
    W is the basic heal spell. You can self heal by clicking W followed by middle mouse click....
    Magicka: heal

    Magicka: fireball

    Magicka: fireball
    Use Fire and Earth (DF) together to cast a fireball....
    Magicka: fireball

    Magicka: ARSE

    Magicka: ARSE
    'ARSE mines' is one of the most popular spells in Magicka. It was popularized by another YouTube channel. It drops mines that knoc...
    Magicka: ARSE

    Magicka: shield

    Magicka: shield
    Getting swarmed and want a quiet place to hide? Hit E and then hold shift and right click. This casts a shield around you that is ...
    Magicka: shield

Magicka Gameplay

Magicka Gameplay

Magicka is a quirky action adventure game from Paradox Interactive, which takes places in the fantasy world of Midgard. Mighty wizards once protect this land teeming with elemental energies, but as time passed, the Order of Magick has turned into a club of wizard sloths who spend most of their time eating hotdogs inside their castles. When a long-forgotten threat soon emerges, this is where your character takes charge, tapping into his Wizard training to save the day. You rush to battle against goblins and trolls now rampaging throughout Midgard. Players can choose to go solo or team up with up to three other players in the main adventure mode, which consists of 13 action-packed levels. There are two other play modes. There is the Challenge mode, where you and three other companions will fight through wave after wave of enemies and last as long as possible until no one survives. The other is Versus mode, which as it sounds, is a head-to-head elemental duel with other Magicka players.

As a Wizard, your main source of power is in harnessing the power of eight elements – Water, Fire, Lightning, Earth, Cold, Shield, Arcane, Life, Steam and Ice. Each spell that you can cast belongs to at least one element, and spells can be combined to inflict additional effects and damage. You face certain limitations though when creating hybrid spells. Water element spells, for example, are hazardous to mix with Lightning spells due to the risk of electrocution. These logical restrictions help make the game more than just finding the best spells and then spamming them together. Unlike most action RPG Games, there is an art to casting spells in Magicka. Players must need to consider where mobs are positioned, where they are moving to and what elemental weakness they may have. Taking all these into account will determine whether a devastating area barrage is needed or if imbuing one’s weapon with an element then striking them down will be more effective.

Clearing Magicka levels requires great map awareness and quick-thinking spellcasting. Some mob packs are programmed to overwhelm you, and a slow reaction could mean the end for you. But other mobs require a more thoughtful plan of attack, like a particular spell combo that will pummel his vulnerabilities. When you are able to balance this blitz response and tactical assault based on the enemy at hand, you should have little trouble tearing through the most difficult levels in Magicka.

By Rachel Rosen


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