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  • Magic World Online: quest

    Magic World Online: quest
    Magic World Online questing is farily straight forward. Instead of tracking or auto running to your location, look for the coordin...
    Magic World Online: quest

    Magic World Online: skills

    Magic World Online: skills
    Buy new books from your trainer as you level up. These books give you access to new spells....
    Magic World Online: skills

    Magic World Online: combat

    Magic World Online: combat
    MWO uses standard MMO combat. Select and enemy and hit your hotkeys until they are dead....
    Magic World Online: combat

    Magic World Online: specialize

    Magic World Online: specialize
    At level 15, you can further specialize by picking a more advanced class. I believe I'll be a fire mage!...
    Magic World Online: specialize

Magic World Online gameplay

Magic World Online gameplay

Magic World Online is an anime style mmorpg developed by Goldcool Games Limited and published by Ingle Games. Magic World Online realm is invaded by devils and other demonic beings. The conflict lasts for ages and now it's up to the players to act as saviors. PvP events support thousands of players. There is an in game marriage system. Players can raise mounts and upgrade their weapon skills. Dungeons are special areas where boss encounters test skills and team play. Each Magic World Online class has a specialization tree that divides into multiple branches. One of the groundbreaking features of Magic World Online is that it eliminates endless grinding and farming, two common mmo concepts.

Even if Magic World Online starts with just 4 class choices, more role customization becomes available as players level up. The 4 Magic World Online starting classes are: warrior, archer, summoner and mage. Players can choose the first specialization at level 15, the second one at level 30 and the third one at level 50. There are 4 different max level specs for each Magic World Online class so that’s 16 roles. If you have a hard time deciding what role you want to play, checking a class guide might help. Magic World Online bot allows players to automatically level up their characters. Bots are third party programs and are forbidden in most rpg games. Players that are caught botting can even get their account canceled. Magic World Online bot functionality is really impressive. You can set what skills to use, when to drink potions, pick up loot and even sell it at vendor NPCs. Some gamers don’t agree with bot using because for them, questing is a big part of the game. However, there are people that just want to get to max level and enjoy end game content as soon as possible. Magic World Online botting is an optional feature so players can experiment with it or go through the classic leveling process. The truth is that bots, illegal or not, are used in most mmo games. Magic World Online just provided the players with a legal bot that doesn’t compromise account security.

After getting to max level, gearing up for Magic World Online dungeons and PvP are the next things on the to-do list. The auction house is an alternative way to get gear. Magic World Online free to play mmo has server vs. server battles that support thousands of players. Other notable Magic World Online feature is player housing. Creating and decorating your house is a pleasant, relaxing activity. Magic World Online players can communicate in game even via video chat.

By Rachel Rosen

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