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Magic: The Gathering is a free to play online role playing game developed and published by Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios. Perfect World is a Chinese company who owns several development studios including Cryptic and Runic Games. They are known for popular titles such as Perfect World, Neverwinter or Swordsman Online. The entire MMORPG list operated by Perfect World can be found on Arc Games portal. A massively multiplayer role playing game based on the famous MTG card franchise, was announced in June 2017. Magic: The Gathering was published in 1993 as a strategy trading cards game. Since then, the game was made available for multiple platforms including mobile systems. In more than 20 years, Magic: The Gathering gathered a loyal fan base of 20 million users.

In Magic: The Gathering, the trading cards game, players take the role of Planeswalkers, create decks of cards and battle each other. It's a game with a rich fantasy background, diverse world and unique creatures. The online RPG borrows elements from the original game but the gameplay is totally different. Players are still Planeswalkers but they won't be using decks of cards anymore. The character development system allows them to shape their Planeswalkers in unique ways with skills and abilities. The trading cards game has strategic combat that requires players to use cards. The MMORPG has action combat. Players will be using their spells and abilities to take down creatures and other fellow players. PvE missions and quests send players on a journey across multiple worlds. Each game zone is carefully crafted. Magic: The Gathering players meet characters, creatures and monsters. Some of them will be friendly and ready to help Planeswalkers meet their objectives but others will stand in players way so they must be annihilated. Magic: The Gathering, the massively multiplayer game, challenges players to defeat various monsters. There are quest mobs that can be easily defeated while playing alone but there are also mighty creatures that can only be taken down with the help of other players.

No efforts and resources were spared when creating the graphics systems for Magic: The Gathering. The MMORPG is a triple A game with superb visuals, attractive character models and amazing combat animations. The gameplay offers a great experience and immerses players in the Magic: The Gathering multiverse. Loyal fans are given a different way to interact with their favorite trading cards game and new players discover a new world. Magic: The Gathering is available as a free game.

By Rachel Rosen

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