Watch the Mabinogi preview for Episode 2 of Saga: Iria

By Michael Jamias
mabinogi video episode 2 saga iria

The long-running mmorpg Mabinogi has released the story teaser for Episode 2 of Saga: Iria.

Titled "Hero's Return: The Trap", the story preview reveals the aftermath of Episode 1. We see the Black Dragon Knight trying to psych out the imprisoned Shamala by claiming that Akule is dead. Mabinogi players will then enter the Karu Forest Ruins to recover Akule's charm but it all leads to an encounter with the Black dragon.

Watch the Episode 2 preview below, and if possible in full screen since the dialogue text is quite tiny.

Mabinogi has been rolling out story-driven content in an effort to keep the attention of mmorpg fans amid all the newer and flashier rpg games online coming out of the market.

The Saga: Iria is a multi-episode series spanning between June to September featuring a cast of heroes and villains. Every Friday, Mabinogi developers release new content then follows it up next Tuesday with a new video that unveils part of the story arc.

Next month, Mabinogi players can expect to tinker with the new talent: Gunslinger, which allows the use of the dual gun. Life skills and harvesting zones also plan to make their way to the game. The materials that can be harvested from the new harvesting zones can be used to create powerful gear with four new life skills, namely: Heulwen Engineering, Magic Craft, Rare Mineralogy, and Sulien Ecology.

For those who need to catch up on the storyline, here's the Episode 1 "Fates' Origin: The Demon" to get you up to speed on the current Saga plot.


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