Mabinogi introduces Merlin, the Druid hero

By Michael Jamias
mabinogi merlin druid hero

If casting meteors and spellwalking excite you, then do like Merlin and follow the path of the druid.

Merlin is a mythical character said to have attained the epic magical rank of druid at a young age, and there are whispers that he has returned to the Mabinogi world, bringing along his long-lost magical secrets.

In-game, players can train like Merlin to become a powerful druid, the first hero talent in Mabinogi. Druids dip into multiple existing talents, beginning their journey in the fantasy online rpg as a triple threat: An aspiring mage, aspiring cleric and aspiring apothecary.

If there is one thing that defines Druids, it is that they are extremely adept at learning magic, which is represented by their early access to skills like Meteor Strike and literally rain down hell on his enemies. Right off the bat they can cast while moving around with the Spellwalk skill. Druids can even Snap Cast to make their next spell instant, giving them the option to burst down their target with a grand finisher combo -- or at least soften him up for the rest of the Druid's allies to play clean-up.

Additionally, druids like Merlin have access to the Hero Support System, which mmorpg developers said will allow players to mirror AP and experience earned onto a separate character.

To mark the arrival of Merlin and the druid hero talent, players who log in on November 16 will be awarded a mystical Shyllien Mana Knuckles, a terrific magic weapon of choice for budding spell casters.


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