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mabinogi fate stay night event
If you're a fan of the popular anime Fate/Stay Night [Unlimited Blade Works], then you'll have a grand time playing Mabinogi as the MMO rolls out attires inspired by the series. A bunch of Mabinogi Fate/Stay Night costumes will be available until August 16 patterned after the memorable main characters in the anime, including the hardworking student Shirou Emiya, the mysterious Rin Tohsaka and the cheerful but callous Illyasviel von Einzbern....
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Jul 18 2016
mabinogi sanctuary
The lifespan of a typical mmo these days, if you're lucky, is around 5-6 years. At the point, expansions have hit a saturation point, sequels have been developed, players have simply migrated to newer, shinier games. So, when you see an old title thriving, it kind of warms the cockles and makes you wonder what exactly changed between the old mmo games and the new. Mabinogi is such a title, with a heritage stretching way back to 2004 - possibly ...
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Apr 18 2016
mabinogi gate of sanctuary update
Mabinogi is blasting out a major story-based update, it's first to come online for more than a year. Mabinogi's The Gate of Sanctuary story update continues from where MMO adventurers left off in the Divine Knights update which was released back in December 2014. You will help quell the resurgence of undead monstrosities throughout Erinn. Ahead of you are hours of new content as you try to complete the main story quests and explore the vast new ...
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Apr 16 2016
mabinogi duel closed beta
You might have heard about a mobile trading card game based on the Mabinogi MMORPG, but now the full details are out along with a closed Android test. The Mabinogi mobile TCG will be called Mabinogi Duel and Android users can get it through the Google Play store.The Mabinogi Duel closed beta will last for slightly more than a week until April 2, with prizes in store for those that participate. As with all closed beta tests, players will be ex...
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Mar 24 2015
mabinogi merlin druid hero
If casting meteors and spellwalking excite you, then do like Merlin and follow the path of the druid. Merlin is a mythical character said to have attained the epic magical rank of druid at a young age, and there are whispers that he has returned to the Mabinogi world, bringing along his long-lost magical secrets. In-game, players can train like Merlin to become a powerful druid, the first hero talent in Mabinogi. Druids dip into multiple e...
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Nov 15 2013
mabinogi video episode 2 saga iria
The long-running mmorpg Mabinogi has released the story teaser for Episode 2 of Saga: Iria. Titled "Hero's Return: The Trap", the story preview reveals the aftermath of Episode 1. We see the Black Dragon Knight trying to psych out the imprisoned Shamala by claiming that Akule is dead. Mabinogi players will then enter the Karu Forest Ruins to recover Akule's charm but it all leads to an encounter with the Black dragon. Watch the Episode 2 previe...
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Jul 11 2013