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  • Mabinogi: character

    Mabinogi: character
    Mabigoni is Korean. and it looks the part. I hope you like the Anime style....
    Mabinogi: character

    Mabinogi: spells

    Mabinogi: spells
    Check out those... spells. You can look at a preview of the different classes before picking one....
    Mabinogi: spells

    Mabinogi: Fist fight

    Mabinogi: Fist fight
    Click on monsters to hit them with your weapon. Or your fists if you are unarmed....
    Mabinogi: Fist fight

    Mabinogi: Bow

    Mabinogi: Bow
    Shooting monsters is much easier than punching them to death. Make sure you have enough arrows....
    Mabinogi: Bow

Mabinogi Gameplay

Mabinogi Gameplay

Mabinogi is one of the longest running MMORPG games on the internet. Since its original release way back in 2004, it has since spread to regions across the globe. Mabinogi uses a unique cartoon-based art style that creates very appealing character and location designs, the game is loosely based around Irish mythology, despite the fact the name Mabinogi is from Welsh history.

Mabinogi is part of the old-school RPG's that have a heavy focus on character design and customization. During character creation players are able to customize many aspects of their character, choosing from over 50 unique hairstyles and 40 different features for their eyes and lips. Players can also choose to edit and dye their items of clothing, using a large variety of available colors. Players are not restricted to just clothing options, there's also an abundance of decorative accessories and other items such as shoes and gloves.

After a recent update, Mabinogi now provides players with a dynamic, real-time combat system. Players have access to a large variety of ability types such as combination skills, defensive abilities, counter spells and powerful special abilities. Although players can access these abilities freely, the combat is all based around the actions and movement of your opponent. Players must pay a lot of attention to monsters and other enemies as they begin to charge powerful attacks, or activate an AoE, carefully timing a dodge or counter-attack can be the difference between life and death. The dynamic combat of Mabinogi is easy to pick up, but difficult to master, creating a combat system that appeals to players from all types of MMORPG game.

Mabinogi also utilizes a one-of-a-kind dungeon system unlike anything you've seen in other MMORPG games. The dungeon system works in a unique way, players access one of the large variety of dungeons by offering certain items as a sacrifice, with each item transporting players to a different dungeon. Once inside the dungeon it works in a progressive manner, meaning players must defeat rooms of enemies in order to progress to the next room, eventually culminating in an intense boss fight.

By Rachel Rosen


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