Luvinia World embarks on month-long Family Scavenger Hunt

By Michael Jamias
luvinia world family scavenger hunt

Familial bonds will undergo a true test this March with the launch of the Luvinia World Family Scavenger Hunt event.

All families -- aka the guilds in the anime fantasy MMORPG -- can join participate in the event, but only those who work together well will be able to rise to the top and collect items. SOA Games is giving away thousands of dollars worth of prizes for family members once the Luvinia World Family Scavenger Hunt ends on March 31.

Luvinia World's Family Scavenger Hunt

Each family patriarch must register for the event and from there the family just needs to collect the listed items and place them in the assigned storage account. These will include capturing screenshots from the online rpg, as well as creating fun and snazzy promotion videos.

Three Luvinia World families will win the top awards which will give out slot bags, Soa coins and wings, among other valuable cosmetic and convenience items. The rest who meet the minimum of 10% required items submitted will also be able to bring home consolation prizes.

Please be reminded that when the prizes are given out, only current members of the given family will receive the rewards. If you change families through the event only the family you are in at the end of the event will be the one you are credited for, which should prevent family jumping in hopes of obtaining better prizes.


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