Luvinia World spreads its "Expansion Wings"

By Michael Jamias
luvinia world expansion wings update

Test your mettle in new level 95-100 content and get ornate wings to fly around the indie free online rpg.

Luvinia's Expansion Wings update brings on new dungeon battles. The fifth Abbes floor and Nightmare library areas have all been unsealed.

Defeat the powerful monsters and bosses in these dungeons to score legendary gear drops and gain an endgame power spike.

But not just anyone can walk into these dungeons. Developers have notable limited the access to these areas for the most committed grinders.

For example, the new Abbes Floor boss can only be fought by players who complete a set of 20 daily quests.

Meanwhile, the Nightmare library will only be open three days a week, two sessions a day for two hours each. That's a total of 12 hours per week to try and complete your gear.

This new year's patch also activates player wings, which provide stat boosts as well as flight capabilities. There's just something about flying in MMO Games that really appeals to players, so it wasn't surprising the Luvinia joined the wings bandwagon.

Notably, this new year's patch also does a bit of bug extermination and balancing, with developers promising gold fixes in the next couple of weeks.


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