Luvinia raises level cap to 100 ahead of Wings flight expansion

By Michael Jamias
luvinia level cap 100 wings expansion

The free to play mmo gears up for the Wings expansion, which brings flight to the game in March, by raising the level cap from 95 to 100.

Luvinia also welcomes its newest dungeon, Doomed Alcaron, a tough challenge that pits players against boss monsters from Level 46's Disappeared Alcaron Dungeon but with a wicked evolution twist.

“Players must battle mini-bosses, their minions, and a demonic winged gargoyle before progressing to the big boss, the fearsome headless rider Augustine, who drops valuable rewards once defeated including a chance at a rare Augustine Star Card from last month's Linger City update,” said Luvinia publisher Outspark.

Luvinia has also seen massive system upgrades, including a combat manager which is designed to make the game more accessible to fans of RPG Games as well make progression easier for veterans. The new features include auto-attacking within a specified monster radius, auto-repairing of certain equipment, auto-looting, and more.

Outspark said the level cap increase and system upgrades are just a taste of the lead-up to the Wings expansion. Luvinia GMs will also be hosting DungeonMania on the game’s official Facebook page which showcases fan art and fan fiction, and should reward cool prizes for participants.


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