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Why you should be playing Luvinia World
Far too often, the mmorpg games of today tend to focus more on being gritty and depicting a shell-shocked world of apocalyptic devastation. That's why I found it a pleasant surprise when I tried out Luvinia World, the fantasy-themed mmo published by SOA Games. There are a number of Luvinia World features that put a smile on my face as I wandered across the game's landscapes fulfilling quests. Let's put on our happy anime face as we examine w...
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Jul 16 2014
luvinia world family scavenger hunt
Familial bonds will undergo a true test this March with the launch of the Luvinia World Family Scavenger Hunt event. All families -- aka the guilds in the anime fantasy MMORPG -- can join participate in the event, but only those who work together well will be able to rise to the top and collect items. SOA Games is giving away thousands of dollars worth of prizes for family members once the Luvinia World Family Scavenger Hunt ends on March 31. ...
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Mar 10 2014
luvinia world expansion wings update
Test your mettle in new level 95-100 content and get ornate wings to fly around the indie free online rpg. Luvinia's Expansion Wings update brings on new dungeon battles. The fifth Abbes floor and Nightmare library areas have all been unsealed. Defeat the powerful monsters and bosses in these dungeons to score legendary gear drops and gain an endgame power spike. But not just anyone can walk into these dungeons. Developers have notable limited...
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Jan 09 2014
luvinia world christmas events
An avalanche of snowballs and Christmas events are sliding your way in Luvinia World. Snowball wars have erupted again across the fantasy mmorpg, but it'll only last until January 1. Snow piles appear during a small half-hour window -- 14:00 to 14:30 server time to be exact. During this time, players can create snowballs, throw them to smack others silly, and gain prizes for a string of successful hits. Tired of slinging snowballs? You can bre...
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Dec 25 2013
luvinia world thanksgiving update
SOA Games has cooked up a tasty Thanksgiving update for Luvinia World. Fans of the online rpg can savor the limited-time, week-long Turkey event, as well as the extension of two other popular events -- Olympus King and Constellation. All this is meant to keep players busy and plump with rewards throughout the Thanksgiving holiday season. At the very least, it provides a distraction for the delayed mmo expansion. Developers said server issues h...
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Nov 30 2013
luvinia world donation typhoon haiyan
100% of all profits made from selling 3 Luvinia World items will go to Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts. Under the Luvinia World donation event, which will run for the next 3 weeks in the MMORPG, players can purchase 3 items that will be on sale exclusively during this period. The first charity item is the Protectors Knapsack, a 15-slot bag not available anywhere else in online rpg, which has an original value of $5.25 but is sold at a sale price ...
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Nov 19 2013
luvinia world open beta
 Fingers crossed that the game's return under SOA Games and Shanda Games will be more successful than its first foray. Luvinia fans will remember the mmorpg launching as Luvinia Online and how it suffered a lukewarm reception, forcing developers to shut down it servers. The game had to be taken back to the drawing boards to fix some glaring issues and un-fun features. Now, with the new partnership between SOA Games and Shanda Games, Luvinia Onl...
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Aug 20 2013
luvinia level cap 100 wings expansion
The free to play mmo gears up for the Wings expansion, which brings flight to the game in March, by raising the level cap from 95 to 100. Luvinia also welcomes its newest dungeon, Doomed Alcaron, a tough challenge that pits players against boss monsters from Level 46's Disappeared Alcaron Dungeon but with a wicked evolution twist. “Players must battle mini-bosses, their minions, and a demonic winged gargoyle before progressing to the big boss, ...
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Jan 25 2013
luvinia expansion linger city
In this new “massive” expansion, Luvinia Online players will see a level cap increase, dozens of new maps, more bosses and additional dungeons. The anime fantasy MMORPG from Outspark is packed with content that should keep fans busy till early next eyar. The level cap has been raised to 95 from 89, which represents six levels of new endgame quests, mobs, bosses and dungeons. These challenges offer powerful new item rewards in the free online rpg...
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Nov 30 2012