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  • Luvinia: character

    Luvinia: character
    There are only a couple of options during character creation. Our hero kind of has an 'emo' vibe today....
    Luvinia: character

    Luvinia: attack

    Luvinia: attack
    Kill bunnies for your first quest. Maybe the NPC wants 'real' bunny slippers?...
    Luvinia: attack

    Luvinia: NPC

    Luvinia: NPC
    Click on NPC names in your journal to run straight to them....
    Luvinia: NPC

    Luvinia: gifts

    Luvinia: gifts
    As you play Luvinia, you will occasionally get gifts in game. Less than 8 minutes to go!...
    Luvinia: gifts

Luvinia Gameplay

Luvinia Gameplay

Luvinia World is a free to play, fantasy-based MMORPG title that is published by SOA Games. Luvinia World hosts an exciting array of unique features such as an in-depth character creation and specialization mechanic, intense PvP action, and even the ability to find your soul-mate with the unique marriage system.

When players enter the world of Luvinia World they start out as a beginner, a rank that is not class restricted, and has access to a few basic abilities. Once you reach level 10 you're able to choose which class type to specialize in, the available classes at level 10 are Warrior, Rogue and Magician. As players progress past level 10 they unlock more skills and abilities for their chosen class, up to level 40, when they get to make another specialization choice with each class offering 2 distinct options. A final class specialization option appears at level 100, offering 2 further career choices, creating a total of 21 different class types.

A large variety of MMO games advertise a unique marriage system, but very few are as in-depth as the system available in Luvinia World. Currently players must be over level 61 to get married (although this will change soon), and they must both be of opposite gender. Once you've found your soul-mate you must complete a very basic marriage quest, which then opens the options for your ceremony. Firstly you get to view a variety of venues, choosing the perfect one for you and your spouse, once you've chosen the venue you can reserve it and then begin decorating it with items of your choosing. All that's left after that is to purchase your wedding attire and the rings, making that special day even more memorable.

Another great aspect to Luvinia World is the Abbes Dungeon system. These zones mix a variety of both PvE and PvP mechanics, offering players intense-combat against epic bosses and teams of enemy players. These dungeons are filled with tough monsters, making it a great place to group up with other players and earn experience points and other rewards. Enemy teams may crash your party at any time, creating a furiously fast-paced PvP scenario that tests even the strongest of Luvinia World characters.

A great class system, hundreds of quests and monsters, and dozens of maps to explore makes Luvinia World one of the most expansive MMORPG titles available on the internet, a must-play for any fans of the fantasy MMORPG genre.

By Rachel Rosen


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