Lunia shuts down tomorrow

By Michael Jamias
lunia shuts down

2014 arrives tomorrow, a new year of fresh possibilities. But for Lunia, it marks a bittersweet ending as the troubled arcade style MMO shuts down for good.

It's bittersweet because while Lunia is saying goodbye, the developers got to go out on their own terms and still hold hope that the game could be revived someday.
Developers will be saving all game data up until the final service maintenance on January 1 24:00 PST, during which the servers and official homepage will both be sealed off.

The official Facebook page will be kept running as a way for fans to get word should an investor or publisher try to revive Lunia from the graveyard.  Players are reminded to stash their gaming account, password and 2nd password safely so they can log back in quickly if and when this happens.

Warned months in advance of the Lunia shutdown, most fans on Facebook gave the game a warm sendoff, reminiscing about the good times they've had over its respectable run. Many were charmed by Lunia's cute anime art and brisk action combat mechanics.

This helped sustain interest the game for quite a number of years before it was eventually got left behind as the fan base slowly and steadily moved on to other rpg games online.


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