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    As you place blocks, you may notice a line going across the screen. This is the game checking to see if you completed any squares....
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    Lumines may look like Tetris but the strategy is different. All blocks are 2x2 and have different colored squares. The goal is to ...
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    Win or lose, your score will appear at the end of a game. Compare this to the high score for yourself and your friends!...
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    Lumines: tips
    Because Lumines's strategy is nothing like Tetris, make sure to go through the tutorial and learn some of the strategies to succee...
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Lumines Gameplay

Lumines Gameplay

Lumines is an innovative and addicting puzzle game, developed by Q Entertainment and published by Ubisoft. Lumines combines Tetris-like gameplay with light and sound elements, where you form 2x2 blocks which are then wiped off from the stack by a scrolling vertical line. The line paces from left to right following a certain musical beat, so you will have to not only plan your block stacking order but also get into the groove for maximum points. Bonuses are given out for unique achievements such as reducing the block stack to a single color or clearing the whole screen of blocks (both of which are pretty hard to do). Aside from the normal two-toned blocks, there are sometimes jeweled squares which when cleared will delete all connecting squares of the same color – a useful tool for setting up combos or cutting down the block stack when it gets dangerously high. That’s because the game comes to an end when your block stack gets too high and exceeds the allowable threshold, similar to other block-dropping RPG Games.

Lumines also offers a puzzle and mission mode that challenges you to form specific shapes, such as a heart or a dog, with intelligent application of the block wiping mechanics. A built-in play history recorder keeps track of your records and achievements. Among puzzle rpg games, Lumines oozes with visual style. It offers hundreds of customizable skins either as unlockable rewards or as purchase exclusives via the online store. Players can purchase additional skin packs which come with more visual skins as well as bonus puzzles and missions. These skin changes are accompanied with varied tempo music, which will affect your gameplay. More subdued skins can make distinguishing blocks and creating combos easier due to the usually slower wipe speed. While more frenetic skins can be distracting but the faster wipe speed allows you to clear blocks faster and avoid a game over.

The core of Lumines is played on challenge mode where skins are set to change into more difficult ones as time passes. The goal is to reach the maximum score of 999,999 points – or at least beat your previous best. The time attack mode gives a set timeframe during which you will need to clear as many blocks as possible. Then there are the Vs. and Vs. CPU modes, which pits you against either a human PSP owner or an AI opponent. The screen gets cut equally in half at the beginning of the puzzle match. The player who clears more blocks creates tempo and expands his block-clearing area even more, which constricts his opponent from clearing more blocks. The game ends when one player, the loser, crosses the block stack threshold.

By Rachel Rosen

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