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Luminary Rise of the Goonzu Gameplay

Luminary Rise of the Goonzu Gameplay

Luminary Rise of the Goonzu is a fantasy free mmorpg, developed and published by Ndoors Corporation. One of the unique features of Luminary Rise of the Goonzu is the economical and political system that is created by the players themselves. Goonzu is actually a term for the server leader, selected by players through a democratic election system. A Goonzu rules for 60 days. Luminary Rise of the Goonzu economy has a capitalist model and players can start a business to make a nice profit. A player can own all kinds of goods from items to market stocks. Other exciting features include massive PvP events and plenty of PvE content.

There are 4 Luminary Rise of the Goonzu playable characters. Calix comes from a once honorable family. He is determined to gain a fortune and seek revenge. Ariel's parents are politicians. She is very curious and this curiosity sometimes gets her in trouble but, she always finds a way to get out of it. Fabian was born and raised among bandits and outlaws. He strives to lead a normal life and become an honest citizen. Raina, an orphan girl, grew up with Fabian and she sees him as a step brother. She is very shy but can turn into a courageous warrior if things get messy. Luminary Rise of the Goonzu online rpg starts with a short tutorial about game basics. Characters are tasked by Sarah Spencer NPC with their first quests. On their adventures, Luminary Rise of the Goonzu players will encounter lots of NPCs. Some NPCs have specific functions (quest givers, vendors) and some just add flavor to the game world. Players complete quests to learn more about Luminary Rise of the Goonzu story but also to gain rewards and level up. As characters advance they can use better weapons and take on greater challenges. Luminary Rise of the Goonzu has 3 types of weapons: melee, ranged and magic. Once they reach level 25, Luminary Rise of the Goonzu characters can use companions as battle pets.

One distinctive Luminary Rise of the Goonzu feature is that most of the in game items are created by players. Crafting skills are extremely important. Different types of stones (water, wind, fire, earth and blessing) are used to enchant weapons. New players can enter a mentoring relationship with a veteran player for guidance, support and other rewards. Luminary Rise of the Goonzu free online rpg has a monthly holiday called Goonzu day. This event lasts 24 hours and online players can benefit from XP bonuses. Players get rewards also from daily and weekly events. Luminary Rise of the Goonzu item mall offers in game boosts and outfits in exchange for Gcoins.

By Rachel Rosen

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