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  • Lucent Heart: character

    Lucent Heart: character
    Make sure to set your security info when creating your character. Luncent Heart is free to play but if you use any microtransactio...
    Lucent Heart: character

    Lucent Heart: quest

    Lucent Heart: quest
    Click on the 'Report' button near the top left to automatically run to your quest objective....
    Lucent Heart: quest

    Lucent Heart: stats sheet

    Lucent Heart: stats sheet
    Your character sheet has all of your stats. The default hokey is C....
    Lucent Heart: stats sheet

    Lucent Heart: Fireball

    Lucent Heart: Fireball
    Add new active skills to your quickbar as you unlock them. Fireball!...
    Lucent Heart: Fireball

Lucent Heart Gameplay

Lucent Heart Gameplay

Lucent Heart is a free to play MMORPG game that hosts a variety of interesting features, from intense PvP action to a huge mix of PvE battles and activities. Lucent Heart uses high-quality, anime based graphics to give MMORPG players a unique experience in a fantasy world filled with endless possibilities.

Lucent Heart offers players the typical RPG character creation and customization we've come to expect from our online games, but it also adds a new element into the mix, The Zodiac Form. During character creation players can choose a certain Zodiac sign that remains with them throughout their journey in Lucent Heart. Imbued with power from the gods, the Zodiac offers players many interesting benefits such as free daily gifts and a selection of Zodiac-specific abilities. Another aspect in the Zodiac system is the ability to change into a powerful Zodiac transformation, greatly increasing a characters base stats and even adding extra skills and abilities.

Another feature exclusive to Lucent Heart is the unique dancing system. Plenty of MMORPG games have a system in place that lets you use basic commands or emotes to perform dance moves, but Lucent Heart takes it to the next level and beyond. Dance Master is a competition held throughout the day, and all players are eligible to join in. Once the event begins players compete against other players to perform the most fluid dance moves, with the victors winning a variety of cool prizes. The dance system uses a similar method to popular console dance titles where certain keys have to be pressed at the right time and in order.

Lucent Heart is filled with hundreds of quests and monsters to give PvE fans plenty of variety, but it also offers an extensive guild-based PvP system. Guilds can go 1 on 1 in 3-round battles of intense PvP combat, with the main goal of capturing your opponents flags or destroying their soldiers. Each guild takes it in turns to be the attacker and defender, and the best out of 3 is declared the winner.

By Rachel Rosen



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