LOTRO Update 11 treks to icy Wildermore region on May 13

By Michael Jamias
lotro update new region wildermore

LOTRO players will explore the vast, untamed and frighteningly frigid region of Wildermore starting next week on May 13.

Located in Eastern Rohan, LOTRO's Wildermore region is swamped in a long, bitter winter. Rumors are swirling that the White Hand Saruman, through his Stone Giant minion Nurzum, is behind this glacial calamity that has forced whole villages into a mass exodus.

The Wildermore region will be divided into five explorable areas: Writhendowns, The Fallows, Whitshaws, High Knolls and Balewood. The Wildermore Quest pack is free to all VIPs in the free rpg.

Update 11 also lavishes the free mmorpg population with revamps, presents and better VIP perks.

Mounted combat has been overhauled to now apply class-specific traits to mounted combat skills; mobility bonuses now also apply to your base steed.

Meanwhile, players will have a new reason to log in each day – a daily login reward in the form of a Silver Hobbit Present, which will randomly give out common to legendary items whose stats are custom fit to your logged-in character’s class and level.

Lastly, VIPs earn an expanded set of advantages, including access to custom character portrait frames, increased bonus XP, and more exciting Hobbit presents than what your average non-paying LOTRO Joe gets.

In a separate developer diary entry, Lord of the Rings Online developer Matt Zimmitti said that Update 11 will also see the activation of home foreclosures meant to clean up the landscape of empty homes. Unused homes have been becoming quite the blight in the game, and this spring cleaning of sorts should help those eager to actively maintain a home more likely to get a home near their friends.


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