Turbine's Lord of The Rings Online game servers taken offline

By Michael Jamias
lotro turbine servers offline

From LOTRO's Middle-Earth to Asheron's Call's Dereth, all Turbine game worlds were disabled due to a routing problem.

Throngs of Lord of The Rings Online fans and Dungeons and Dragons Online fans started having trouble logging into or staying logged on to their game servers starting yesterday, with one fan expressing his dismay on the LOTRO Twitter page:

"Players all over in the US and Europe can't connect. More people out of the game than in game. And this is attributed to routing?"

To which Turbine answered: "Confirmed and being address as quickly as possible."

The rpg developer and publisher dispelled speculation that the problem was a game bug or coding error. "The game isn't the issue," and that instead the issue involved third party vendors, particularly related to "routing."

With the issue taking longer-than-normal to resolve, all Turbine servers were taken offline.

"This is to prevent frustrations as players were logging in only to be immediately dropped or logged out," said the developer on the decision to temporarily take LOTRO servers offline as well as bar logins for all its other titles.

As of the latest Twitter updates: "We do not have a change in status or an ETA at this time," said Turbine. "We will update you when this changes or we have new information to share," suggesting a problem than seems to be more complicated than a simple bug or error.

Turbine promises to give an update "even if it is a 'no update'" in three hours. Players, especially VIP subscribers, are already asking for possible compensation -- a likely possibility given the severity of the disruption to all its mmorpg games -- the thought of which should help keep fans' heads cool during this emergency server downtime.


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