Lord of The Rings Online and other Turbine games are back online

By Michael Jamias
lotro turbine servers back online

All Lord of The Rings Online worlds and Turbine game servers are now available after a routing problem cropped up over the Labor Day weekend.

Turbine took LOTRO worlds offline -- along with the servers for all its other other online games -- after players experienced troubled accessing and staying logged in to the Middle Earth-set free online rpg.

Community manager Sapience took to the forums during the service outage to clear up the exact cause of the login and mmo server stability issues.

"This issue is one we've seen before with a slight twist. This was again a routing issue with a very large internet backbone provider and how it routes traffic in and out of our data center provider... The issue also created a cascade issue when the routes were reset that didn't play well with some of the switches and routing hardware in the data center," he said.

The fact that the issues cropped up during Labor Day added to the fan frustrations -- many have planned their free time around being able to play LOTRO and other Turbine games during the extended holiday weekend. It also posed complications as many staff had to work through the issues with vendors whose staff may be out of the office, which may have contributed to the length of the server outage.

For those demanding some sort of recompense for the lost play time, sit tight because Turbine has yet to announce a compensation scheme. This is not to say that none is in the works, but the developer has not given any sort of promise for compensation ever since it brought LOTRO worlds back online.


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