LOTRO gets four new raids in Update 10: Against the Shadow Part 2

By Michael Jamias
lotro new raids update 10

One new 6-man raid and three new 12-man raids promise compelling challenges for LOTRO adventurers.

Update 10: Against the Shadow Part 2 is the second part of the instance cluster for Riders of Rohan, the newest expansion for the free to play mmo serves up new string of raids with gripping storylines as well as fresh instances that scale to higher levels.

It all begins with 6-man raid The Bells of Dale is set in the northern kingdom where Easterlings are ravaging the townsfolk. Players will need to protect the city from the assault while the citizens evacuate to Erebor.

The threat is not over yet. As the townsfolk make their way through the treacherous Lonely Mountain, players will be asked to repel any chasers in the 12-man raid Road to the Lonely Mountain.

Having reached Erebor, the townsfolk are safe behind the castle walls. Or so they think. The Easterlings have devised a plan to kill all inhabitants by lighting a large pyre the emits deadly gas, hoping that it will waft into the mountain vents leading into the city. Players will lead the sortie to destroy the pyre in the 12-man raid The Fires of Smaug.

The final 12-man raid The Battle for Erebor is the culminating fight against the Easterlings. Players will need to defeat the finest enemy champions, including the fearsome Olog-hai, to break the siege once and for all.

Starting in LOTRO Update 10, the In Their Absence instances will also scale to levels 65 – 85 in response to rpg fans craving for a bit more difficulty in their dungeon running.


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