Lord of the Rings Online's licence has been renewed until 2017

By Tam Mageean
lotro license renewal

The sad news of Warhammer Online getting shut down, late last year, as a result of Mythic's license with Games Workshop expiring, was a warning to game developers everywhere; that when investing in a franchise, the developer walks a very thin line, and that power always rests in the license holder.

With this in mind, it's incredibly reassuring to hear that the mmo of Middle Earth, Lord of the Rings Online has received its renewed license agreement, and will continue all the way up until 2017, when it will once again be re-evaluated.

The developers rushed to the forums to share the good news, where speculation of its expected, yet untimely closure had been rife, and even after stating that the mmorpg would be around "for years to come", players were mostly skeptical and have picked apart the announcement, bit by bit.

What can be said for sure, however, is that the license has definitely been renewed, and that they have an agreement with the Lord of the Rings licensee's that runs "through 2017". So, with any luck, this means players have a good 3-4 years left of battling hordes of Orks, assisting Elven warriors, and of course, chaperoning Hobbits to Isengard.

The game has had some impressive updates and expansions, such as the critically acclaimed, Helm's Deep, but recently, it had been revealed that there are no plans for future updates. Hopefully the news of the renewed Lord of the Rings Online license will spur the developers on, and we'll see some plans in the pipeline soon.


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