The battle moves to Fangorn in Lord of the Rings Online

By Tam Mageean
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From today, the battle for middle earth shifts to Isengard and the Fangorn Forest in Lord of the Rings Online. Content Update 13, named The Breaking of Isengard, sees our heroes sat in the aftermath of Helm's deep, after the fall of Orthanc.

The Ents have uprooted Isengard, but Saruman is nowhere to be seen, and Fangorn Forest is in a state of total disrepute. In the mmo's new content update, it's down to you to restore peace in the forest and reunite with your allies to find out what happened to The White Wizard.

Lord of the Rings Online Breaking of Isengard

In addition to the conclusion of Volume Three, and the newly explorable, Flooded Isengard and The Entwood, a bunch of new updates, teaks and features have been added to the Tolkeinized mmorpg.

Three of the existing regions; Misty Mountains/Goblin Town, The North Downs and The Trollshaws, have all been revamped, the inventory UI has received a much needed polish and now features an "edit mode". The new inventor Edit Mode will allow you to switch items from bag to bag, with bag 1 acting as your upgradeable and permanent "master" bag.

In freep news; players can now purchase a pass to the Ettenmoors, using Mithril Coins, granting you access for a temporary period.

There's a huge pile of other updates, changes, rewards and adjustments that have been actioned from today, as part of the LotRO: Breaking of Isengard update. For a full list of new features; click here to head to the official release notes.


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