40 questions on LOTRO’s Helm’s Deep expansion answered

By Michael Jamias
lotro helms deep questions answered

We get a ton of new info about epic battles, class changes and new content coming in LOTRO's Helm's Deep expansion.

With the new LOTRO expansion scheduled to release on November 18, or just two weeks away, Turbine community manager Sapience took to the forums to answer a total of 40 player-submitted questions.

Among the most important tidbits revealed was that epic battles will have a very intuitive and responsive system to determine what kinds of rewards you earn from participation.

"The overall system keeps track, separately for each quality of medal (bronze, silver, gold, platinum), how many medals you’ve earned, with bonuses being added for earning them in group spaces, earning them on the main objective, and earning them for the first time."

MMORPG developers also decided to move away from the tree system in favor of traits to reduce skill bloat, effectively streamlining character choices during battle.

The threat system has also been revamped to basically allow tank specialists to be able to dole out a more "tangible amount" of threat, which should lower but not totally eliminate the risk of high-damage squishies drawing aggro and instantly dying.

Mounted combat, a landmark feature recently added to the free online rpg, gets little love though this expansion. There will be no mounted combat instances in Helm's Deep, and currently no plans for such in the future.

And for those saving up for the expansion: Helm’s Deep will cost 4295 Turbine Points in-game, but multiple zones will not be broken down into smaller quest packs for separate purchase, so you'll have to buy the whole bundle.

Read the full Helm's Deep Q&A here.


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