Lord of the Rings online begins pre-purchase for Helm's Deep

By Tam Mageean
lotro helms deep pre purchase

With 2 months to go until its release, Lord of the Rings Online Helm's Deep is available for pre-purchase. Helm's Deep is an expansion to the fantasy MMORPG, which is available to play from November 18th.

There is currently a closed-beta for the expansion in progress and players are reporting improvements to all classes, a larger Middle Earth to explore and brand new quests, including the eponymous Battle for Helm's Deep, which, if it's even a fraction of the scale it was in the movie adaptation, will be incredibly intense. You can keep track of the Beta's progress via Turbines "Developer Diaries", which are being added to the Lord of the Rings Online fan-site throughout the beta process.

Helm's Deep Screenshot

The expansion itself will be available in two different renditions; Base and Premium.

The Base package, available for $39.99 is more than simply the game's digital download. Pre-purchasers will also receive and exclusive in-game title, an exclusive mount and additional items (including a Rohirrim chest-plate) and points which will all become available with the launch on November 18th.

The Premium package, priced at $59.99, contains all of the Base perks, but for the extra $20.00 you get a host of extras. Premium adopters will also gain a full set of armor, complete with shield and battle-armor for their mount, character expansion in the form of additional titles, quest slots and a legacy slot for their legendary weapon.

Helm's Deep Rohan

In addition, Helm's Deep will see the level cap rise from 85 to 95 and will feature quest cameos from the likes of Aragorn, Éowyn, and Éomer. With an expanded world, an increased level cap, and the premise of Battling for Helm's Deep, Lotro is showing that after 6 years, the MMO still has a lot to give.


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