LOTRO launches Helm's Deep expansion

By Michael Jamias
lotro helms deep expansion launch

Take part in one of the most iconic battles in the Lord of the Rings books in the newly released Helm's Deep expansion.

This latest LOTRO expansion will allow players level 10+ to join the battle of Helm's Deep, wherein your hero will join the rest of the Free Peoples in defending the strategic defensive fortress from the rampaging forces of Saruman and Sauron.

Watch the Helm's Deep expansion trailer:


LOTRO players will earn prizes commensurate to their contributions to the war effort, so even the lowliest MMORPG newbies can hope to gain shiny new items and participate in the epic conflict alongside max-level veterans.

Speaking of veterans, the Helm's Deep expansion also increases the level cap to 95, or 10 additional levels from the previous 85 cap. Players will be able to learn new skills and tinker with freshly updated class specializations.

For lore fans, the expansion brings to life iconic characters such Aragorn, Eowyn, Eomer and King Theoden, and allowing you to interact with them and play out your deepest rpg fantasies.

Explorers, meanwhile, can trek through new zones across Western Rohan -- from the Westemnet where you can help rally the five ridings of Rohan to help protect Helm's Deep, to the capital Edoras and the mysterious Dunharrow.


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