Learn Middle-Earth Lore in New Lord of the Rings Online Course

By Jeff Francis
Lord of the Rings Online course begins

One of the hallmarks of a great online rpg is a deep and compelling lore that serves as a solid foundation. Most players would agree that the online game that features the greatest amount of lore is Lord of the Rings Online. The game is very faithful to the vision of J.R.R. Tolkien, who wrote many works breathing life into the realm of Middle-Earth (not to mention actually creating the Elvish language). Now gamers can dive more deeply into this rich lore in a new Lord of the Rings Online course that is being held by Dr. Corey Olsen, aka The Tolkien Professor.

Lord of the Rings Online course

This new Lord of the Rings Online course is being put on by Signum University and The Mythgard Institute and is being held within the game itself. Dr. Corey Olsen will hold lectures that will teach a detailed, chapter-by-chapter course on The Lord of the Rings and use actual in-game locations to highlight the current topic. This LotRO course in Middle-Earth lore will be held on Tuesday nights at 9:30 pm Eastern Time in a Lore Hall in Bree created by the Standing Stones developers especially for this course. Corey Olsen will be in-game as his character of Narnion the Loremaster of Gondor.

Players can attend the Lord of the Rings Online course in-person within the mmo or they can watch in on the Twitch channel for Signum University. Lectures will be recorded and then posted on the Signum University YouTube channel. The overall pattern of the LotRO course is that Dr. Corey Olsen will spend about an hour and a half discussing the book chapter and its themes, reading passages and doing some close reading so that participants can really get into the story. The final portion of each session will have participants visiting the places connected with the book discussion, examining both the visual representations and the related quests and story lines. Overall, this sounds like a great way to become more familiar with the work of J.R.R. Tolkien and his amazing creation.

The first session takes place in the Landroval Lore Hall in Bree and following lectures will be rotated to different servers.


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