Lord of the Rings Online Announces Beorning Class

By Jeff Francis
Lord of the Rings Online beorning class

After the latest update for the Lord of the Rings Online mmorpg launched yesterday, Executive Producer Aaron Campbell posted a letter in the game's forums detailing the upcoming changes to the game in the next two years. While details were released on the new volume of the Epic Story, Paths of the Dead and Dol Amroth, and further updates, one item caught the attention of players. It is confirmed that a new class is coming as Lord of the Rings Online announced the Beorning class.

Lord of the Rings Online beorning

This is the first new class to be introduced into the mmo since the Mines of Moria introduced the Warden and the Rune-keeper. The Beornings will be shape-changers able to transform into a bear just as they were noted to do in the original trilogy. The Beornings are a race of Man, with close ties to both the Rohirrim and the Men of Dale. The developers of Lord of the Rings Online are envisioning them as a light armor casting class with a focus on control on the battlefield. When a Beorning gathers sufficient rage, then they'll be able to transform into a ferocious bear.

The developers will be sharing the initial class designs with the game's Players Council, and more details will be released later in the year as the class progresses through the alpha and beta stages. All in all, this is great news as Beorn was a fascinating character from the books and made an impression recently in the second Hobbit movie. To read the full post by Aaron Campbell, click here.


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