Lord of the Rings Online: Helm's Deep beta begins

By Tam Mageean
helm s deep closed beta

Dwarves, Elves, Hobbits and Mortals, check your inboxes! Lord of the Rings Online’s latest addition, Helm’s Deep is beginning its closed-beta and the invites have all been sent.

"Invites have already been sent, so make sure you check your spam filters," Turbine told its fans on Facebook.

Helm’s deep will be an expansion to the original MMO, Lord of the Rings Online, and will feature changes and additions to all classes, among other additions.

LOTRO Helm's Deep Logo

The developers are offering a unique perspective of the revamp-process.  They are releasing a series of “Developers Diaries” on the LOTRO fan-site, with personal accounts from the developers themselves; explaining what they have changed, why they are changing it, and what they are enjoying about the new additions.

The diaries will go though all player archetypes, class by class, and have started this week with the Burglar class. Developer, RockX explains:

“...my main goal was to really home in on what made each of the three Burglar specializations unique and focus gameplay into each line’s strengths. The Quiet Knife line focuses on dealing high burst damage using Stealth and positional skills. The Mischief-Maker line uses the application and removal of Tricks to control and whittle foes down through attrition. The Gambler manipulates chance with Gambles, ensuring an outcome in their favor.”

LOTRO Helm's Deep screenshot

He goes on to explain that he wanted to make the Burglar class feel more competitive, and felt that in the MMO's vanilla-form the Burglars tricks didn’t match up to the tricks of other classes.

“Tricks now have a shorter durations, with the ability to greatly lower your Trick Removal cooldowns within the traits. In addition, most tricks now deal some damage as well, allowing the Mischief-maker to both debuff and deal damage at the same time.”

At present, this sounds like a big buff to all you budding burglars in Middle-Earth, but keep your eyes open for future class announcements, to see how they compare.


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