Lord of the Rings Online Update 21 reveal
For decades, the very name of Mordor has conjured up images of absolute and unending evil due to the seminal writings of J.R.R. Tolkien. The realm of Sauron, who brought war to Middle-earth, served as the locale of the climatic final act in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and now players of the LotRO mmorpg are going to be able to venture there. In a recent livestream, developers from Standing Stone Games revealed quite a few details of the upcomi...
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Jun 26 2017
How should players feel about LotRO Update 20?
The works of J.R.R. Tolkien have inspired generations of fans, and his books have served as a major influence on movies, games, and fantasy in general. Today's fans are lucky to be able to play in an online virtual world that has strived hard to emulate the Middle-Earth that Tolkien created. Lord of the Rings Online has served as a meeting ground for those who love The Hobbit and the ensuing trilogy. One of the hallmarks of the game is how hard t...
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Mar 24 2017
Lord of the Rings Online Update 20 now live
The last major battle in Tolkien's masterpiece has finally come to Lord of the Rings Online. Standing Stone Games, who now controls the fantasy mmorpg, announces that Lord of the Rings Online Update 20: Battle of the Black Gate is now live for players to dive into. This update features over one hundred new quests and deeds that lead up to the climatic battle between the forces of Sauron and Aragorn.The features of Lord of the Rings Online Upd...
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Mar 21 2017
How mmos should emulate the LotRO course
One of the main goals of mmo games when they first burst upon the scene was to give players the ability to experience the virtual worlds of the online realms with thousands of other players. Players would use the online game to forge deep connections with one another, despite the differences in location, language, and culture. The shared experience was set to be the heart of mmo immersion, but that sentiment has gone off the rails over the last d...
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Jan 20 2017
Lord of the Rings Online course begins
One of the hallmarks of a great online rpg is a deep and compelling lore that serves as a solid foundation. Most players would agree that the online game that features the greatest amount of lore is Lord of the Rings Online. The game is very faithful to the vision of J.R.R. Tolkien, who wrote many works breathing life into the realm of Middle-Earth (not to mention actually creating the Elvish language). Now gamers can dive more deeply into this r...
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Jan 03 2017
DDO and LotRO leaving Turbine
A major announcement just dropped concerning two long-standing online games. For quite some time, there has been a lot of speculation on whether Dungeons and Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online would continue to operate in light of the recent layoffs at Turbine as well as the game company's desire to focus on the lucrative mobile game market. The good news is that both games are going to continue to operate. However, there is the DDO and ...
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Dec 19 2016
Lord of the Rings Online Update 19 delayed
It seems that the final battle for Middle-Earth will have to wait a bit. Players were hoping to begin playing Lord of the Rings Online Update 19, called March of the King, today, but developers have posted on the game's forums that the update will be delayed a few days. The culprit is an issue with the Henneth Annun landscape within the mmo that the developers wish to correct before letting the update go live.There is hope that the Lord of th...
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Oct 17 2016
How to pick a fantasy mmo
Once upon a time in ye olden days of yore, a player seeking to play a fantasy mmorpg only had a few options to choose from. The main decision was whether to play Ultima Online or EverQuest, but things have changed dramatically since those days. Now gamers are pretty spoiled as there are literally hundreds of fantasy-based games to choose from. However, not all such games are equal, and quite a few appeal to those who prefer a certain playing styl...
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Sep 01 2016
Future Lord of the Rings Online content teased
Far too often, we see good mmo games closing down for good. I was one of the pundits who speculated that Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online would be closing down sooner rather than later due to the recent layoffs at Turbine and the company's focus on creating free-to-play mobile games. So far, my speculation is proving to be false. Yesterday, Executive Producer Robert “Severlin” Ciccolini addressed the future plans of DDO th...
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Jul 21 2016
Does the Turbine layoffs mean the end of DDO and LotRO?
If there's one characteristic of the world of online games, it's that they're always in a constant state of flux. New mmo games are developed and released while older games gradually fade away. What was once considered standard, such as a monthly subscription, is replaced by a different model, such as free-to-play, entirely. Game companies rise and fall, and it appears that Turbine is about set to make a major transition. The company has made two...
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Jul 14 2016