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  • LOTRO: character

    LOTRO: character
    The very detailed character creation screen, where even the lineage of the character may be chosen....
    LOTRO: character

    LOTRO: quest

    LOTRO: quest
    Introductory quest, to protect the relics from being stolen by greedy dourhand dwarves....
    LOTRO: quest

    LOTRO: dwarves

    LOTRO: dwarves
    Instanced quest to stop the dourhand dwarves from reviving their deceased leader....
    LOTRO: dwarves

    LOTRO: Falathorn

    LOTRO: Falathorn
    View overlooking Falathorn, the Elven town where crafting trainers, Banks and housing brokers may be found....
    LOTRO: Falathorn

LOTRO Gameplay

LOTRO Gameplay

LOTRO, short for Lord of the Rings Online is the MMORPG adaption of the world famous workings by J.R.R Tolkien. Lord of the Rings Online takes place following heroes that  are just behind the Fellowship itself, giving players the opportunity of molding their own story in the LOTRO universe, while maintaining and following some of the most famous lore ever written.

LOTRO features 4 playable races, Elves, Hobbits, Dwarves and Humans. Although each race is restricted in terms of the class they can use, there's still enough options to cater for all players. The classes include Burglar, Captain, Champion, Guardian, Hunter, Lore-Master, Minstrel, Rune-Keeper and Warden. Although each class follows some kind of MMORPG archetype, they all have unique mechanics associated with that class, for example, Rune Keepers can both DPS heavily and heal, but only one at a time, they do this by increasing the power in either field by using associated abilities.

Combat in Lord of the Rings Online is highly polished and provides enough depth to keep even the most hardcore of MMO players entertained. As well as each class having their own combat mechanics, there's also a unique feature called Fellowship Moves. While in a party, of at least 2 players, players are able to initiate the Fellowship Moves which requires each player in the party to select a certain type of attack. There are 4 available options, but depending on what each player chooses, the outcome is different. This allows skilled guilds and groups to be able to communicate to perform a Fellowship Move that fits the situation, such as a huge heal over time spell during boss fights, or a long bleed against the high HP foes. Each outcome results in exciting animations and effects.

LOTRO is filled with iconic locations from the Lord of the Rings universe, players can explore locations such as the Shire, Evendim, Mordor, and even travel to the home of the Ents. Recently transferring to a free to play model, Lord of the Rings Online enjoys a huge player population and is arguably one of the most polished MMO games on the market today.

By Rachel Rosen


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