Lost Saga summons the spellbinding Sorcerer hero

By Michael Jamias
lost saga sorcerer hero

Lockdown enemies before electrocuting them into oblivion with the new Sorcerer hero.

The Sorcerer joins the pantheon of playable heroes in Lost Saga, and he packs quite the crowd control. He can stun, suppress and even switch places with those that dare cross his elemental path. This spellslinging master also whips out quite the damage as well when left alone to spam his arcane spells.

We think the Sorcerer has an amazing kit for either a full-on traditional burst rpg mage, or an aggressive support that can initiate with a stun before his teammates pile up on the quickly dead target.

Of course this is all theorycrafting until we get to see the Sorcerer in actual combat, and what better place to test his skills than in the new Colosseum PvP map. The Colosseum has all the favorite modes of bloodthirsty gladiators -- Deathmatch, Team Match and Boss Raid.

Finally the Sorcerer hero update is rounded out with special sauce extras like a new weapon fittingly called the Epic Sorceror Staff. Plus there are new styles, dances, items and legendary gear to collect.

The Sorcerer has already released, with the aforementioned bonus MMO goodies making their way next week Thursday, September 12.


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